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Axo Light

On the 27th of June, 1996, while the mathematician Andrew Wiles won the Wolfskehl prize (thanks to the resolution of the last of Fermat’s theorems), in Italy, more precisely between Venice and Treviso, Axolight was being established with the clear aim of demonstrating to the world that the right combination of know-how, manual skills, and materials can not only lighten up, but enliven the places lacking natural sunlight.

Axolight, deviating from the standard rules, careless to the current market needs as opposed to other lighting manufacturers at the time, began to interpret in its own way the ancient need to characterize living spaces by introducing harmonious sources of light.

Today Axolight, happy to address a demanding niche of clients, has spread over 90 countries where the company offers its products and services, continuing to propose its own interpretation of objects, spaces and light.

At the root of the company’s success, then and now is the creativity, knowledge, manual skills, and passion of over 40 people, working in both the Italian headquarters and the US branch, who every day test their intellectual skills to astonish themselves, as well as the outside world, through the realization of new and innovative lamps.