Empatia is inspired by the association between the great glass-blowing tradition and the LED technology of Artemide. High interest in the expression potentials of this material resulted into co-operation with master glass blowers to gain full control of the special suppleness of Venetian glass and to work on the balance between surface and light, between subtle densities and transparencies. Hence clear, pure craft objects, each of them unique in all respects. Transparency and opacity are wisely dosed to obtain a glass that reflects light without glaring and without losing efficiency. Hence optical device, whose heart is a high-performance LED-based light engine created separately from the glass emission body in favor of higher thermal efficiency and performance. Light is controlled with maximum yield and driven towards the glass diffuser through a transparent pipe with a very low absorption coefficient.

Product Name Empatia 26 floor
Brand Artemide
Designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua,
Paola di Arianello
Colour White
Materials Blown glass, methacrylate,
aluminum, steel
Delivered lumens output 710lm
CRI 90
Watt 20W (integral led)
Color temperature 3000K
Installation Floor
Dimensions Height 1500