Ina is a desktop light that can hold infinite positions. This is the reason why It satisfies the continuously changing functional and emotional needs of illumination in both home and work places. It is designed to light a work surface correctly. It can also create infinite settings and luminous atmospheres because the user can interpret the light in different ways.The lamp can hold different positions and orientations giving therefore great freedom of choice in monitoring the light. The intensity and wideness of the lit area are determined by the movement of the arm on three articulated joints that basically allows a 360° movement in all directions. This is possible also due to the extreme lightness of the structure and its circuits that feed the 84 LEDs. This translates into an absolutely flat (3mm thick) iconic shape. Its aesthetic is due to technical, constructive, electrical and structural reasons. Thus, the object is very simple but highly technological.

Product Name INA
Brand Artemide
Designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua
Colour Black, white
Materials Printed circuit on aluminum
Delivered lumens output 303lm
CRI 80
Watt 11W (integral led)
Color temperature 3000K
Installation Table
Dimensions 540x180x590x80