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Leading company in traditional Ceramic and Lighting industry, BELFIORE reinvents its creative potential. In the early years of this decade the hands of skilled craftsmen manufactured the first recessed plaster products: an innovation in the lighting market. As from 2007 Belfiore launched a pioneering collection of recessed downlightst satisfy new needs of the market, till the complete collection of recessed products introduced in 2011.

Novantadieci 9010 is the result of a renewed technical department, improved product engineering and constant investment in Research and Development, bearing in mind the high production capacity and efficiency that distinguish our company. ‘Design and technology’ are the key elements of this collection that change the concept of recessed lighting, with particular attention to customizable projects. Thanks to the unique structure of our technical team and the elasticity of the materials we use we can follow the most demanding interior designer or architect’s imagination.